LMM Presents - Deen for Teens
By Sh. Aarij Anwer

Starting Saturday March 21
1 PM - 2 PM ET

The Prophet's Prayer

The Prophet (S) said, "I find joy in prayer." The companions tell us that when the Prophet (S) was troubled, he would rush to prayer. Why? Our prayer (salah) is meant to be our fortress. It's where we find solace. If you've never felt this way about salah, this course will teach you how to work towards this feeling, along with teaching you how the Prophet (S) would pray.

This class is live, online and interactive.

Registration Instructions

For parents: if you have multiple children, you only need to sing up for one of them. 

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Please confirm subscription to receive the link for the live class.
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